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Posts tagged "accident"

School bus driver pleads guilty to DUI charge while driving bus

One taboo to honor is no drunk driving while operating a school bus. One woman entered a plea of guilty in a New Jersey court on Oct. 28 to charges that she drove a school bus with 25 middle school children onboard while her blood alcohol level was .25 percent. That far exceeds the .08 percent legal threshold for drunkenness in New Jersey. She pleaded guilty to a DUI charge and to endangering the welfare of a child.

New Jersey man charged with drunk driving after low speed chase

In the movies, high speed chase scenes involve dramatic, over the top action and frequent destructive accidents. However, one real life police pursuit involved low speeds and tireless rims and ended in a man being charged with drunk driving. The New Jersey resident was accused of driving while impaired after an alleged five mile chase.

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