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Posts tagged "sex crimes"

Forced sex with a spouse is still sexual assault

Domestic violence is a serious criminal accusation that can result from many different circumstances or activities. There are many types of domestic abuse recognized by the law, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and more. It's not uncommon for simple arguments to result in heightened emotions, and accidents do happen, but one particular area in which there is little legal latitude is with domestic violence involving sex crimes.

Legal penalties for sex crime convictions in New Jersey

Most states have extremely serious legal penalties for sex crime convictions, and New Jersey is no exception. In New Jersey, sexual assault is the legal phrase that you must be concerned about as an accused person. If you are accused of sexual assault, you could be facing serious legal penalties in the event of a conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the accusation, these penalties could be more severe or less severe.

Domestic violence is not only physical

There are multiple types of domestic violence, but the definition of domestic violence remains constant regardless of the specific allegations. Most people think of domestic abuse as one party physically harming the other party in a relationship, but this is not the only type of domestic violence that can occur. Understanding these different types of abuse can help you avoid being wrongfully accused or convicted.

Is sexting illegal?

Over the last few years, thanks to advances in cellular phone technology and functionality, there has been an increase in people taking and sending lewd or suggestive photographs of themselves to others. The process has been dubbed as sexting, and it is now a relatively large part of our culture. Many celebrities and politicians have been caught up in nude photo scandals, but because the concept is so new, there are not a great deal of laws that address it.

Dealing with allegations of statutory rape in New Jersey

New Jersey courts and law enforcement authorities take rape very seriously. Allegations of statutory rape fall into the category of sex crimes. It's important to understand how statutory rape is viewed under the law. If there are sexual relations with a person who is younger than the 'age of consent" under the law, that means the person who was underage was not legally able to agree to have sex.

Defense attorney secures favorable agreement in prostitution bust

Criminal defense is not always about defending innocence in New Jersey. Success in a criminal trial can come in varying degrees. When acquittal or having charges dropped is an unlikely outcome, a defense attorney can still work to fight for lesser charges and avoid the harshest consequences.

Study shows female sex offenders get lighter sentences

Over the last several years, a number of New Jersey teachers have made national headlines after it was revealed that they engaged in sexual and romantic relationships with underage students. According to a new analysis by reporters at the Star-Ledger, when relationships like these happen, male teachers tend to face much stronger criminal penalties than their female compatriots.

'Nightmare' ends for man acquitted of sex crime charges

Being accused of a sex crime can destroy an individual's life in New Jersey. The charged individual can be alienated as their family, friends, employer and the community turn against them. No one in the community is quick to suspect that an individual alleging to be a victim of such a crime could be lying. However, the community is quick to issue condemning assumptions about the charged individual.

Outstanding high school athletes charged in hazing allegations

When a juvenile is charged with a crime in New Jersey, there is so much at stake for that individual's future. Juveniles' brains are still developing, and this means that their decision making skills are nowhere near the level of an adult's. Unfortunately, this means that a momentary indiscretion in youth can hurt employment opportunities, higher education opportunities and so much more.

Rape charges dropped against man in light of evidence accuser lied

In New Jersey, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. However, this is not necessarily the case in the court of public opinion, particularly as it relates to sex crimes. Individuals that are charged with sex crimes are often quick to be condemned by the community, even when the individual is innocent. In such sensitive cases that have the potential for lasting repercussions both in a criminal court and within the community, it is critical to aggressively defend against accusations.

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