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Posts tagged "criminal defense"

Alcohol and teens: Is it really such a problem?

Now that the school year is over for the summer, New Jersey teens are spending the summer hanging out with their friends -- possibly unsupervised. Many parents may not have anything to worry about, but others will discover that their teenagers drink with their friends to stave off boredom, to fit in or just because they can.

Cape May County prosecutes 2 on drug charges

When a resident calls 911 during a moment of crisis for him or herself or an acquaintance, they know they can expect proper emergency personnel to arrive on scene in a timely manner to provide appropriate care and aid. Emergency personnel would like the last thing on someone's mind when he or she calls for assistance to be a concern over whether they will be arrested due to a health crisis caused by alleged criminal behavior. However, Cape May County prosecutors, in conjunction with prosecutors from a neighboring county, are now pursuing drug charges against two men after two separate calls after an alleged heroin overdose.

'Nightmare' ends for man acquitted of sex crime charges

Being accused of a sex crime can destroy an individual's life in New Jersey. The charged individual can be alienated as their family, friends, employer and the community turn against them. No one in the community is quick to suspect that an individual alleging to be a victim of such a crime could be lying. However, the community is quick to issue condemning assumptions about the charged individual.

White collar crime: Judge advocates for new sentencing guidelines

A prominent judge that is well versed in handing down sentences in white collar crimes is advocating that sentencing guidelines in such convictions change so as to exact a fair, realistic punishment. Presently, these sentences are primarily calculated based on the financial hit that these crimes yield.

Innocence is not always enough to avoid criminal convictions

Any individual in New Jersey that is issued any criminal charge is risking their future and their freedom in failing to aggressively defend against the criminal charge. There are instances in which an individual is wrongly accused of a crime -- be that a sex crime, a white collar crime or a violent crime -- yet the innocent defendant is still convicted. That suspect may think that because they are innocent, the matter will be cleared up, and apologies will be issued. The individual might think that by repeatedly stating their innocence, they will be fine.

Outstanding high school athletes charged in hazing allegations

When a juvenile is charged with a crime in New Jersey, there is so much at stake for that individual's future. Juveniles' brains are still developing, and this means that their decision making skills are nowhere near the level of an adult's. Unfortunately, this means that a momentary indiscretion in youth can hurt employment opportunities, higher education opportunities and so much more.

Rape charges dropped against man in light of evidence accuser lied

In New Jersey, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. However, this is not necessarily the case in the court of public opinion, particularly as it relates to sex crimes. Individuals that are charged with sex crimes are often quick to be condemned by the community, even when the individual is innocent. In such sensitive cases that have the potential for lasting repercussions both in a criminal court and within the community, it is critical to aggressively defend against accusations.

Ruled unconstitutional to ban sex offenders from Facebook

If an individual has been accused of a sex crime, they are in for an uphill battle. Often, regarding charges of such a sensitive nature, the court of public opinion does not seek to maintain the rights of the accused. Further, sex crime allegations in the court of public opinion are too often viewed as guilty until proven innocent -- the opposite what our justice system has been built on.

New Jersey sex crime convictions could mean lifetime supervision

Sex crime convictions in New Jersey can be devastating. Particularly with the application of Megan's Law throughout the state, a conviction can mean that an individual will be subjected to lifetime community supervision. This means that information regarding the individual's status as a sex offender could be made publically available.

Stafford mayoral candidate charged with distributing marijuana

We've started this blog to discuss various topics related to criminal defense that we think you may find interesting. Since our firm handles situations related to drug charges, drunk driving, juvenile crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes and more, what better way to get the ball rolling than to address the recent arrest of a candidate for mayor in New Jersey?

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