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Posts tagged "arrest"

4 detained for alleged parking lot drug deal

Elmwood Park police reported that four people were detained in a supermarket parking lot for an alleged drug deal on Jan. 9. The incident reportedly occurred around 5:00 p.m. in the Broadway Pathmark parking lot.

Man charged for drug possession after apparent gun fight

A New Jersey man was detained after police obtained a search warrant for his home in Glassboro on Sept. 5. Police were initially called to the man's home after learning that an altercation was taking place. The 21-year-old man reportedly suffered a minor head injury during the fight before police detained him on drug charges. Police say charges against other people involved in the incident are still pending.

2 men facing drug charges after alleged transaction, home search

New Jersey residents may be interested in the story of two men facing serious drug charges after police claim that they participated in a drug transaction in front of one of their homes. Execution of a search warrant allegedly revealed a substantial amount of drugs in one man's residence.

New Jersey man faces drug charges after traffic stop

Whenever there is a traffic stop or a car is sitting in traffic, the police may ask to confirm information, or they may even ask to search a vehicle if they believe that there is reason to after speaking with the driver or researching the driver's history. If they search a vehicle and find that there is something amiss or illegal, they may then make an arrest. Recently, a search of a New Jersey man’s car after he was sitting at an intersection led to his arrest, as he now faces drug charges.

New Jersey drug charges: Man and woman arrested in hotel room

Police have arrested a man and a woman from Hackettstown on drug charges. The incident occurred at a Mount Olive hotel while the man and woman were allegedly hallucinating and high on methamphetamine. The two must now face their drug charges in New Jersey court.

New Jersey marijuana arrest: 3 taken into custody for drug crimes

Police in New Jersey have announced the seizure of approximately 80 pounds of alleged marijuana in Jersey City. They say that the suspected marijuana seizure took place after a shipment of the substance was received at a warehouse in the city. In addition to the drug confiscation, three individuals were also taken into custody under marijuana arrest.

40-year-old New Jersey man to face drug charges in Essex County

A man from Rockaway has been arrested on drug charges. The drug charges relate to drug paraphernalia possession and marijuana possession. The New Jersey man was apprehended by authorities after reports of a robbery in progress. Police say that they discovered the 40-year-old man in his car, parked in the driveway of a residence after they arrived on scene.

3 men charged after botched marijuana arrest turns into gunfight

An undercover New Jersey detective has been injured in an alleged drug deal that turned violent. Police say that the detective was attempting to buy marijuana from a man in a Garfield Walmart parking lot, which they thought would lead to a marijuana arrest. However, instead of the drug deal taking place, a different man allegedly tried to rob him with a gun. This man was later arrested but not before a scuffle and numerous gunshots occurred.

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