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Posts tagged "allegations"

Dealing with allegations of statutory rape in New Jersey

New Jersey courts and law enforcement authorities take rape very seriously. Allegations of statutory rape fall into the category of sex crimes. It's important to understand how statutory rape is viewed under the law. If there are sexual relations with a person who is younger than the 'age of consent" under the law, that means the person who was underage was not legally able to agree to have sex.

Star of "Real Housewives" faces further sentencing for fraud

Joe Guidice, star of the TV show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," was sentenced on April 2 for charges related to driver's license fraud. This is in addition to a sentence of 41 months he is already serving on other fraud charges. He will be able to serve the 18 months of his driver's license sentence concurrently with that one. Guidice was also ordered to pay $10,000, and his driver's license was suspended for two years. Both of these are the maximum punishment.

Teen faces sexual assault offense in New Jersey

During the summer, teens and young adults often take jobs or volunteer positions working with young children. The position of a camp counselor fits the bill and can entail being alone with kids for extended periods of time. For one teen in New Jersey, a camp counselor position has ended with the teen facing charges related to an alleged sexual assault offense.

NFL player and his mother face white collar crime allegations

A former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver and his 72-year-old mother have been indicted relating to a fraud conspiracy. New Jersey police believe that Irving Fryar, 51-years-old, and his mother conspired to steal money through fraudulent home equity loans. The two will have to defend against their white collar crime allegations in the New Jersey Superior Court.

2 men face fraud allegations for store gift cards in New Jersey

Just as there are several types of white-collar crimes, there are many types of fraud. When the average American citizen thinks of credit card fraud, that citizen will probably think of identity theft and using another person's credit card; however, credit card fraud can even cover even store gift cards. Two men are facing fraud allegations in New Jersey in relation to store gift cards from a popular pharmacy chain.

Authorities claim 23 facing fraud allegations in New Jersey

Many people enjoy visiting casinos for a variety of reasons, including some for serious gambling and others because they enjoy the thrill of chance. For a few though, according to law enforcement officials in New Jersey, some visits to casinos have ended in 23 people facing fraud allegations. The police claim that of the people indicted, 16 are in custody and the seven alleged to still be wanted have had warrants issued for their arrests.

Ex cop gets minimum term for attempted sexual assault offense

A former New Jersey police officer recently agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors recently. In so doing, a number of pending criminal charges involving at least three separate victims were resolved. As a result of the deal with prosecutors, the 41-year-old man pleaded guilty to more than one attempted assault offense in full satisfaction of all outstanding charges against him.

Youthful indiscretion can carry grownup consequences

Sex crimes involving minors in particular are looked at with a level of disgust that almost surely means being ostracized from the community at large following conviction. However, individuals can be accused of crimes that he or she did not commit. It is imperative to aggressively defend against accusations of sex crimes in order to mitigate the serious consequences and stigma associated with such a conviction.

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