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Posts tagged "Juvenile Crimes"

14-year-old student arrested and now facing drug charges

Parents always dread getting that call from the principle saying their child was cutting class or arguing with another student in the hallway. When the call came to two parents in Secaucus, though, it was far more serious than that.

Why kids have no expectation of privacy at school

Kids may think that their lockers at school are their private property, but they aren't. They belong to the school. Courts have ruled that when they are in school, young people can't reasonably expect privacy. Therefore, it's not a violation of their constitutional rights to subject them to random searches. The same is true even for students' backpacks.

Things to know about police questioning of minors

As police take a person into custody, they are required to read the Miranda Rights to the person getting arrested to ensure that person is fully aware of his or her rights. The arresting officer must read these rights before taking a person into custody and/or interrogating him or her.

Alcohol and teens: Is it really such a problem?

Now that the school year is over for the summer, New Jersey teens are spending the summer hanging out with their friends -- possibly unsupervised. Many parents may not have anything to worry about, but others will discover that their teenagers drink with their friends to stave off boredom, to fit in or just because they can.

New Jersey teen facing attempted murder charges

For those who have had children, you know that youngsters get into trouble all the time. They are curious and mischievous. However, most children face only small issues, the effective reprimanding of which is little more than a slap on the wrist or harsh admonishment. Some children get into more serious trouble, and they may require the aid of an attorney to avoid serious consequences.

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