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Posts tagged "Drug charges"

What are the penalties for a marijuana-related drug charge?

New Jersey residents who have medical prescriptions to use marijuana may do so, as it has been legalized for that purpose. It is not, however, legal for recreational use. Sales and trafficking of the drug are also prohibited, and the penalties for a conviction are heavy.

Body camera footage reveals possible police misconduct

If you are facing drug charges in New Jersey, it can be easy to feel like conviction is inevitable. The police might tell you they have plenty of evidence against you, and prosecutors can urge you to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence.

New Jersey authorities arrest two for drug possession

Many illegal drugs are illegal for good reason. Substances such as cocaine and heroin are extremely addictive and extremely dangerous, often causing users to do reckless or dangerous acts while under the influence or simply to get another fix. It is for this reason that law enforcement officials are so persistent and zealous in their attempts to keep drugs off the streets, with many drug busts coming after weeks, months or even years of investigative labor. However, not all investigations are as accurate or legal as they could be.

New Jersey motorist arrested on drug charges

There is no such thing as a light criminal charge; every criminal charge should be treated with the utmost severity and importance. However, this does not mean that some criminal charges are more serious than others, and certain drug charges are amongst the most serious criminal convictions, often leading to years of jail time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The severity of these charges can change based on the type of drug and the quantity of the drug or drugs involved in your charges as well as many other factors.

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