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Posts tagged "DUI charge"

You see flashing lights in your rear view mirror: What next?

Summertime in New Jersey often includes a lot of coming and going to various beaches, restaurants, concert halls, parks and other public event venues, as residents and tourists alike gather with friends and family for a little fun in the sun. There's nothing like a little rest and relaxation to energize and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Governor vetoes New Jersey drunk driving bill

Efforts by New Jersey legislators to modify the state's drunk driving laws were dealt a blow on March 23 when Governor Chris Christie vetoed bill A1368. The bill would have reduced the length of the driving bans handed out to first time offenders and instead require them to have interlock ignition devices installed in their vehicles, but the measures were considered too sweeping and lenient by the governor.

New Jersey DUI penalties

New Jersey law provides for some rather severe penalties for those convicted of DUI, even if the person is a first-time offender in that area. It is important for many people to understand the potential consequences they face if they drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Penalties faced by DUI defendants

Someone who has been accused of DUI in New Jersey may face a variety of penalties, including license suspension and imprisonment. The precise penalties the accused can expect to face typically vary with respect to the individual circumstances of the case. A defendant's history of past DUI offenses, where he or she was driving at the time of being taken into custody and how the initial investigation was conducted can all play a substantial role in penalty imposition.

Nanny in New Jersey faces DUI charge

Any kind of accident or altercation can lead to criminal charges if the police become involved. When the police are called to a scene and believe there may be a drunk driving incident in progress, the suspect can face any number of consequences. A recent incident in New Jersey is gaining attention because an on-duty nanny was involved in an accident that ended in a DUI charge being filed.

Father faces DUI charge after trying to pick up son at school

A New Jersey man has been arrested and charged with DUI after allegedly driving to his child’s school and trying to pick him up while inebriated. The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon in Chatham. Police arrived at the school at approximately 1:30 p.m. following a call from the principal of the school, who told authorities that the father appeared to be drunk. The man must now answer the DUI charge in court.

Teacher arrested on DUI charge in New Jersey

A New Jersey teacher who was allegedly driving his car while intoxicated injured a police officer in a recent motor vehicle accident. The teacher appeared in court on a recent Tuesday for a hearing about his DUI charge. According to authorities, the man was drunk when his vehicle smashed into a patrol car along Route 46.

New Jersey river pulled from burning semi truck faces DUI charge

State troopers in New Jersey recently charged a semi truck driver with drunk driving. They also saved his life. According to authorities, the authorities arrived at a semi truck accident scene, where the truck was overturned and burning. They were able to successfully remove the driver from the cab of the truck, just before the cab was engulfed in flames. The man, whose life was saved, will now have the opportunity to defend himself against the DUI charge in court.

New Jersey DUI charge dismissed

In the event that a New Jersey resident gets a DUI charge, having proper evidence is crucial to the case. Having the wrong evidence, or evidence that has been tampered with, however, can be severely detrimental to one's chance of being found innocent of a crime. Although sobriety tests are seemingly reliable, anyone can make an error administering one, and that mistake can lead someone to be wrongfully accused of a DUI charge.

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