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Divorce Archives

Legal assistance with alimony and spousal support

It is a sad reality that people almost always make money their top priority, or at least one of their top priorities. It is for this reason that divorces can often be extremely heated, as both parties seek to recover more money or more assets from the division. This is why child support is often a heavily contested topic, and one parent feels that they deserve more money to care for the child, while the other parent tends to feel that he or she is paying too much to support a child that he or she never gets to see.

Arming New Jersey residents with divorce knowledge

There are many reasons that couples seek to avoid divorcing, even if it is actually in their best interests to get a divorce. Some people are afraid that they will become social pariahs or that their children's lives will be detrimentally affected by the divorce. Other couples are simply afraid of what will happen in a divorce case because they are unsure of how their particular circumstances will play out during the divorce proceedings.

What are the legal requirements for divorce in New Jersey?

While each state has its own laws regarding divorce, there are many laws that are similar across state lines. For example, nearly all states require that at least one member of the marriage be a resident of the state in which they are seeking a divorce. This is true in New Jersey as well. There are other requirements that are similar, but slightly different, and some requirements that are specific to a particular state.

Do not underestimate the importance of your divorce case

Divorce proceedings are amongst the most important areas of legal practice. Oftentimes they dictate the circumstances that will govern the futures of two individuals after the divorce. If there are children involved, then the divorce proceedings become even more important as they manage aspects of how the child will be brought up and who will have the power to make decisions in the child's best interests for years to come.

Social media is the newest culprit behind many divorces

Divorce in New Jersey is like divorce around the world: countless reasons exist for getting one. In recent years with the rise of social media, more and more couples point to Facebook and Twitter for leading to the deterioration of their marriages. In fact, according to a recent British survey of 2,000 married couples, dubious activity by one spouse or the other on a social network caused one out of seven couples to consider divorce. That telling statistic makes it clear that the proliferation of Internet connectivity can affect almost every aspect of life and even create dissension within a marriage.

Changing beneficiaries after divorce is important

As some New Jersey residents know, the individual designated as a beneficiary on insurance policies, bank and retirement accounts remains the beneficiary until that individual is removed. In the case of divorce, this may be overlooked, and an ex-spouse may collect in the event of the other spouse's death. Variations in state statutes may seek to circumvent this, but whomever is named as the beneficiary, despite marital circumstances, will receive the proceeds under federal law.

Money mistakes to avoid in a New Jersey divorce

In many cases, if both parties leave a divorce settlement feeling like they gave up too much, it generally means that the agreement was a fair one. However, there are some instances where a New Jersey couple may not feel as if the settlement was beneficial to one or both sides. For instance, if one person was awarded a marital home, it could be hard to pay the mortgage or maintain it alone.

Divorce and Social Security benefits

Individuals in New Jersey who are divorcing may wonder how a divorce will affect any Social Security benefits that they might receive from their ex-spouse. In most cases, individuals who were married for fewer than 10 years cannot claim spousal or survivor benefits. However, survivor benefits will be distributed with fewer than 10 years of marriage if the individual is caring for a disabled child or a child under the age of 16 who is eligible for benefits.

Marriages with seriously ill wives more likely to end in divorce

New Jersey couples in relationships in which one spouse is ill may be interested to learn about recent findings in a divorce study. Data reportedly demonstrates that marriages with wives that become seriously ill are 6 percent more likely to end in divorce than marriages in which neither spouse is ill. In the study, there was no increased chance of divorce for couples in which the husband was sick.

Lower divorce rates for medical professionals

According to a study, New Jersey health care professionals may be less likely to divorce than people who work outside the health care field. The study was conducted over a period of five years and looked at more than 240,000 medical professionals throughout the country. While around 35 percent of individuals in professions outside of health care are divorced, many professions within the field showed lower numbers.

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