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A traffic ticket is no big deal, or is it?

If someone were to ask you whether you have a criminal record, you might be glad you can answer in the negative. However, if there's a past DUI or some other serious offense in your history, you're definitely not the only person in New Jersey who would have to answer positively to surveys regarding criminal histories. What about less-serious offenses such as traffic violations? Has a police officer ever issued you a speeding ticket?  

When police come knocking, do you have to let them in?

Have you ever noticed you react entirely different when an expected guest arrives to your home and knocks on your door or you suddenly hear knocking that you were not expecting to hear? In the first example, you may feel happy and eager to open your door and welcome your friend inside. When the latter occurs, however, you might feel startled or even afraid when you hear pounding on your door you did not expect.

New Jersey bill toughens penalties for heroin crimes

If your loved one is like many others, his or her addiction began with a prescription for a powerful opioid painkiller following an accident or surgery. Since you have been dealing with this crisis in your family, you may have met other parents or spouses who watched their loved ones spiral from prescription drug abuse to heroin addiction. Their stories are all different, but the common thread follows them all. They need help.

Can you touch the tip of your nose with your eyes closed?

If a New Jersey police officer thinks you are driving under the influence of alcohol, he or she may attempt a traffic stop. If you've been a licensed driver for many years, it may not be the first time you've seen flashing red and blue lights from a police car in your rear view mirror. Perhaps your past includes a speeding ticket or some other minor traffic offense or maybe the last time an officer stopped you, he or she issued a warning then allowed you to leave.

Ignition interlock and your DUI: What you need to know

New Jersey drivers charged with drunk driving face a myriad of penalties that can affect their lives in many ways. Even for a first offense, the consequences can be both expensive and inconvenient. If you are charged with a DUI, you would be wise to know what you are up against and to take the necessary steps to build a strong defense.

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