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College promotes a heavy drinking culture

When asked why they cannot crack down on underage drinking by college students, many officials note that it's the college culture that is the problem. Some have called abusing alcohol a "time-honored tradition."

It happens everywhere in the United States. Many college students do not just want to relax and have a drink or two. They want to binge drink and party. They may feel like their peers expect them to do so. It's ingrained in American culture that this is what college is supposed to be like and this is what students are supposed to do if they want to enjoy it.

That type of peer pressure certainly can play a role. On top of that, many students have never lived somewhere other than in their parents' homes. They suddenly have newfound freedom. It's exciting and they're not sure how to handle it.

On top of that, these students are young. They do not have a lot of life experience, even if they think they do. They make mistakes that older people may avoid. This can include over-drinking.

This alcohol abuse can lead to a multitude of other issues, such as drunk driving and alcohol poisoning. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism claims that over 1,800 students at colleges and universities pass away every year. Many more get arrested for underage drinking, drinking and driving and related offenses.

Unless the college culture changes, it is hard to prevent these things from happening. If your child is facing charges, you need to know all of the legal options that you have.

Source: US News, "Longtime College Drinking Culture Makes Change Difficult," Julian Emerson, accessed May 25, 2018

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