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Body camera footage reveals possible police misconduct

If you are facing drug charges in New Jersey, it can be easy to feel like conviction is inevitable. The police might tell you they have plenty of evidence against you, and prosecutors can urge you to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence.

However, before you make any decisions or statements, it can be crucial to consult an attorney who is determined to protect you and your rights. And this includes challenging the charges and evidence against you. In some cases, further investigation can reveal misconduct that exonerates you or leads to reduced charges.

For instance, there may be video footage that reveals a very different story than the one law enforcement agents are telling.

This appears to be the situation in another state where police are accused of planting evidence in a drug case.

According to reports, the officers are equipped with body cameras to record interactions. At the beginning of the investigation, the cameras were off but police turned them on in time to record one officer pulling white capsules out of a can in a lot. 

However, the cameras actually start recording 30 seconds before they are turned on. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that an officer actually placed the can in the lot before turning on the body cameras. This has spurred allegations that police planted drug evidence.

Of course, planted evidence is not going to be an issue in most drug cases, but it is just one example of police misconduct that can and should be thoroughly examined in order to clear a wrongfully charged person's name.

Without legal representation, this type of misconduct can go undiscovered, which is why it is so important that you consult an attorney if police arrest you for a drug crime in New Jersey. By challenging police procedures and scrutinizing evidence collection methods, you and your attorney can fight to protect your rights avoid the harsh consequences of a drug conviction.

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