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New Jersey couple abducts their own child

Child custody is often discussed in the context of a divorce, with both parents engaging in heated legal battles to determine who should rightfully be in charge of the well-being of a child. This is perhaps the most common type of legal concern when it comes to child custody, but it is certainly not the only concern. There are many reasons that a married couple may lose custody of their child, generally in instances in which they are determined to be unfit parents.

Many issues may be taken into consideration when a couples' parenting ability is being called into question. Obviously, issues such as abuse or neglect will seriously affect the rights of a couple to maintain custody, but even circumstances such as keeping an exceptionally filthy house could raise questions about whether or not parents are fit to raise their child.

If a couple is determined to be unfit to raise their child, then custody of that child will usually be assumed by the state, where the child will be taken into foster care or otherwise given over to more fit parents. This can be a frightening and difficult thing for parents to accept, but it is important to obey the custody orders of the law and not take matters into your own hands.

For reasons unknown, a New Jersey couple recently lost custody of their child, who had lived with his grandmother for just over a week after the custody dispute was resolved. Shortly thereafter, the grandmother noticed that the child was missing, and he was later found with his parents in New York. The parents later pleaded guilty to the crime, and they are facing legal consequences.

The loss of custody of a child can be extremely difficult. No parent wants to be told that they are not allowed to raise their own child. However, there are legal avenues through which parents can attempt to retrieve custody of their child, and it is through these avenues that custody should be pursued. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help parents recover custody of their child legally, without facing more serious repercussions.

Source: New Jersey, "Parents accused of abducting their own son plead guilty," Dave Hutchinson, Oct. 9, 2015

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