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Two NJ residents wanted for failure to pay child support

When it comes to child support, there are many considerations that the courts must look at in order to determine a payment that is fair to both parties. Only with assistance from the divorcing couple and their attorneys can the courts gain a clear enough picture of both individuals' life circumstances, which is important in determining a fair payment. Unfortunately, these payments are still not always fair, but individuals are encouraged to remember that a child support order is a legal mandate, and must be followed.

Officials in Cumberland County, New Jersey are currently searching for two individuals, both of whom are wanted for failing to pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support. One male individual is wanted for more than $70,000 in failed child support. The other individual, a female, is wanted for more than $57,000 in missing child support. There is no official word on what the exact penalties for these two individuals would be, but the Sheriff's Office has described them as some of their most-wanted fugitives.

Of course, there are many reasons that an individual may fail to pay their child support, but perhaps the most common reason is simply wanting to keep the money for him or herself. These are the types of people whom the law will go after. However, it is important to remember that some people simply cannot make their child support payments due to some change in their life since the payment amount was determined.

Courts do their best to make sure that payments are fair, but if you suddenly lose your job or are forced to take a pay cut, for example, you may find yourself unable to make the payments that you once could. If this is the case, you must not ignore the child support payments in the hope that they will simply go away. Instead, it is recommended that you consult an attorney who can help you have your child support order modified to reflect your changing circumstances.

Source: New Jersey, "Cumberland County Sheriff's Office seeks most-wanted fugitives," Don E. Woods, Aug. 29, 2015

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