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Man alleges domestic violence against his partner

Same-sex marriage has been a very popular topic for many people all across the country for the past few months. The legalization of same-sex marriage has understandably contributed to a surge in interest about same-sex couples and their rights under the law, with issues such as adoption for same-sex couples, prenuptial agreements and even divorce commonly arising. While these are all fairly normal concepts of family law and the family unit, there is another aspect of family life that is not as commonly addressed in the context of same-sex couples: domestic violence.

It is an unfortunate truth that many may not think about: same-sex couples also struggle with issues like domestic violence, and all the issues therein. While many same-sex individuals are celebrating their new rights to solidify their relationship in the eyes of the law, other same-sex couples are hoping that the law can protect them from their former relationship, and some individuals are seeking to defend themselves against domestic violence accusations.

Among many different arrests that occurred recently in New Jersey, police reported an incident involving a domestic violence call. A middle-aged man claimed that his bleeding, swollen head was the result of domestic violence from his partner. The man told police that his partner was in the apartment with weapons. Police arrested the assailant, seizing a shotgun, ammunition and a BB gun.

Obviously being arrested with weaponry is not the ideal circumstance, particularly for someone who is accused of domestic violence, but it is important to remember that no case is guaranteed. Even if your situation looks extremely dire, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney to assist you in taking legal action in your defense.

Source: New Jersey, "Machine gun among several weapons seized over holiday weekend in Newark," Paul Milo, Sep. 9, 2015

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