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Child custody considerations in New Jersey

It is one of the most common questions and biggest issues during a divorce: how can I make sure to get a fair custody agreement? When a couple is getting a divorce, there will obviously be many changes to their lives, but chief among these for parents is usually how often they will or will not get to see their children. It is understandable that the custody arrangement will be high on their list of concerns and priorities.

When attempting to make a strong custody case, it is first important to understand which factors are considered by the courts when determining custody in New Jersey. While every case is different, and it is extremely difficult to say exactly what the courts will consider during a particular case, there are some things that parents can be relatively certain will affect their custody arrangement. The amount of interaction that parents have always had with their children, as well as the level of health for each parent.

Divorcing couples are encouraged to remember that the preference of the child will be taken into account if the child is at least 12 years old. Additionally, the stability that a parent can provide will be heavily considered; this includes work schedules such as how often the parent can be home and what their financial situation is.

The key to all of this is properly establishing the circumstances before the courts. Unfortunately, it does not matter how much time you spend with your child if you are unable to prove to the courts that you are as involved in your child's life as you say you are. In order to accomplish this, it is highly recommended that divorcing parents seek the assistance of an attorney.

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