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What are the legal requirements for divorce in New Jersey?

While each state has its own laws regarding divorce, there are many laws that are similar across state lines. For example, nearly all states require that at least one member of the marriage be a resident of the state in which they are seeking a divorce. This is true in New Jersey as well. There are other requirements that are similar, but slightly different, and some requirements that are specific to a particular state.

One example of a similar but different law in New Jersey comes in the form of no-fault divorce. Every state in the country has at least some legal precedent for no-fault divorces now, but in some states it is more difficult than others. Some states simply allow couples to claim that their marriage is irretrievably broken in order to file for a divorce, but in New Jersey, couples must be living separately for a year and a half before they can file for no-fault divorce.

Other grounds for divorce include adultery, domestic abuse and conviction of a crime. Obviously divorce is not something that any couple should take lightly, but if there is a circumstance or situation in which a marriage is no longer healthy for one or both parties, divorce is an option that should be considered.

Couples who decide to go through divorce are highly encouraged to seek legal assistance. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help a divorce process go smoothly and can also help ensure that one member of the marriage is not blatantly favored in terms of child custody, child support or asset division. Divorce should be fair and treat both parties equally, and legal counseling can help you prove why certain circumstances would or would not be fair to you.

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