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Helping parents with their custody arrangements

It should come as no surprise that the most hotly contested issue in divorces that involve children is the custody agreement. Every party involved wants what is best for the child: the mother, the father and even the courts. You might think that this would make the custody arrangement simple, but the problems arise because each party has their own opinion of what is best for the child. This is especially true for the parents, who may understandably have emotional biases that affect their perceptions.

In some instances, parents can agree on a custody arrangement, but for those times when parents cannot agree, that is when the courts step in to determine the custody arrangement on the parents' behalf. Ideally, this would lead to an objective, unbiased custody arrangement that is truly fair to all sides, but even this is not completely perfect.

The truth is that courts are not as intimately familiar with children and their familial history as parents are, and are thus less knowledgeable about the child's needs and expectations. Courts can only determine a custody agreement based on the information that is provided to them. It is up to the parents to make their own cases about what is best for the child and how their parenting best facilitates these needs.

For parents to receive the best chance at getting the custody agreement they deserve, it is recommended that they speak with an attorney who can help them present the best possible case for their parental involvement. We encourage New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce to visit our webpage to learn more about New Jersey's child custody laws and precedents. If you are concerned about your chances at getting a fair custody agreement, we would be happy to speak with you about your family's history and explain your rights and expectations as you move forward with the divorce.

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