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Domestic violence bill continues to move forward in New Jersey

A few weeks ago, we reported on a bill that would affect the ability to own firearms for convicted domestic violence offenders. The domestic violence bill had recently been approved by the Assembly Law & Public Safety committee, meaning that it was one step closer to becoming passed into law. Among other things, this bill would require individuals convicted of domestic abuse to forfeit ownership of their firearms while they have a domestic violence restraining order affected against them.

The domestic violence bill is moving steadily through New Jersey's legal system, and it has now been approved by both the state Senate and the assembly. It will now be overseen by Governor Chris Christie, and should he sign the bill, it will become law. While this may be good news for victims of domestic violence, it is a bit concerning for those who are wrongfully convicted of domestic violence or who are facing domestic violence charges.

Cases of wrongful accusation are not always as highly publicized, but it is important to remember that not everyone who is convicted of domestic violence is truly guilty. But if a restraining order is put in effect against you, you could be forced to relinquish ownership of your firearms. This will of course be in addition to the other consequences such as inability to see your family or enter your house.

If this bill is made into law, it will raise the stakes for people accused of domestic violence all throughout New Jersey. It will constitute yet another reason that domestic violence accusations cannot be taken lightly. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is highly recommended that you take legal action in your defense.

Source: Tap Into, "Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims from Gun Violence Awaits Governor Approval," June 26, 2015

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