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How can I improve my chances of getting child custody?

Child custody is quite possibly the most important issue that couples will face if they are going through a divorce. It can affect your relationship with your child for the rest of your life, and even though modifications can be made to child custody agreements, it is much more preferable for most parents to have a fair custody agreement from the start. While parents can certainly consult with an attorney to help them with a child custody case, it never hurts to increase one's own knowledge about the topic.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about child custody is what factors courts look at when they are determining custody. Every factor essentially boils down to what is best for the child, but this can include many different things such as parents' capabilities to care for the child both financially and physically, the history and habits of both parents, the wishes of the parents and even the wishes of the child depending on the child's age.

It is also worth mentioning that New Jersey courts will take into consideration whether or not one parent has more experience caring for a child. This means for example that if you and your spouse separate before the divorce and your spouse is left alone to care for the child while you are living under a different roof, this may cause courts to look more favorably on the other parent when considering custody.

The truth is that the courts will always make what decision they believe is in the best interests of the child when it comes to custody. Because of this, your best bet for getting the custody agreement you deserve is to prove to the courts why your involvement is in the child's best interests. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help you do this.

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