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Bill concerning domestic violence in New Jersey approved

Domestic violence allegations are amongst the most serious legal issues that a person can face. Domestic violence is obviously an incredibly tragic and awful criminal act, and no person should have to suffer their home being a place of nightmare, but it is also true that nobody should have their reputation tarnished and their civil status jeopardized by false allegations. Domestic violence convictions come with serious legal penalties, and those penalties could be getting even stricter.

It is easy to see why New Jersey takes domestic violence so seriously, and recent legislation could mean that our state will be taking domestic violence even more seriously in the near future. A bill was approved in New Jersey which mandates that judges order convicted domestic violence offenders to relinquish ownership of a firearm within 24 hours. An amendment was later made to allow gun owners additional time to arrange for sale of the weapon. The guns can also be turned over to law enforcement, but under this legislation, the guns would have to be gone after a conviction.

This law essentially acts as a mechanism to enforce the already stringent New Jersey laws regarding individuals convicted of domestic violence and their possession of firearms. Currently, convicted individuals are usually legally restrained from possessing firearms, and if there is probably cause, police may seize weapons in a domestic violence case.

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is imperative that you seek legal counseling and take action in your defense as soon as possible. You could be facing jail time if you are convicted, and many of your other freedoms and rights may be compromised. Your ability to see your children, live in your own home and own a firearm may all be affected by a domestic violence conviction.

Source: New Jersey, "N.J. lawmakers act to toughen gun control law in domestic violence cases," Matt Friedman, J

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