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June 2015 Archives

New Jersey juveniles suspected of smashing windows

A New Jersey town was recently victimized by a spree of window smashing that resulted in quite a bit of property damage. Police were first dispatched in the Hillsborough Township late in the night after receiving a report about a rock flying through a residence's window. They did not find any suspects at the first house, but another report came through shortly thereafter, indicating that it was not an isolated incident.

Legal defense for New Jersey DUI charges

There is absolutely no such thing as being too careful if you are accused of or charged with driving under the influence. Police have many ways to attempt to prove that someone is intoxicated while operating a vehicle, but you should know that you always have rights, and there are legal defenses to everything. No matter how dire the situation may seem, the right defense and the help of a legal professional can help you avoid being wrongfully convicted.

Is sexting illegal?

Over the last few years, thanks to advances in cellular phone technology and functionality, there has been an increase in people taking and sending lewd or suggestive photographs of themselves to others. The process has been dubbed as sexting, and it is now a relatively large part of our culture. Many celebrities and politicians have been caught up in nude photo scandals, but because the concept is so new, there are not a great deal of laws that address it.

Woman accused of drunk driving in New Jersey

It is important to remember that any motor vehicle incident immediately becomes much more serious if there are alcohol accusations involved. Because of this, it is imperative that you take legal action in your defense to minimize or avoid a DUI conviction. Consulting with an attorney can help you gain a better understanding of your legal rights in a dui case, as well as how you can build a solid defense to prove your innocence.

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