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Social media is the newest culprit behind many divorces

Divorce in New Jersey is like divorce around the world: countless reasons exist for getting one. In recent years with the rise of social media, more and more couples point to Facebook and Twitter for leading to the deterioration of their marriages. In fact, according to a recent British survey of 2,000 married couples, dubious activity by one spouse or the other on a social network caused one out of seven couples to consider divorce. That telling statistic makes it clear that the proliferation of Internet connectivity can affect almost every aspect of life and even create dissension within a marriage.

Another poll taken by a family law firm found several interesting statistics. It stated that almost a quarter of the married couples polled admitted to having an average of one argument per week due to questionable practices on a social media network. From that same poll, 17 percent agreed that they argued at least once per day. These arguments may range from misunderstandings to legitimate reasons for concern.

Attorneys used to dealing with complex divorce have seen a rise in cases where social media was cited as being the cause of the break-up. In fact, a 2010 poll taken by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers stated that 66 percent of attorneys found Facebook to be the best source for finding evidence for a divorce.

In a divorce involving infidelity, an attorney may have many options. Considering the wide use of social media by nearly everyone with Internet access, an attorney may scour social media profiles to find evidence of cheating or other incriminating activity. This evidence may then be utilized during the court hearing to show fault and gain leverage for obtaining child custody or support.

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