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Defending against New Jersey sexual assault charges

When people are facing sexual assault charges in New Jersey, it can be truly frightening for them. A conviction for sexual assault can have life-changing consequences. In addition to a long period of imprisonment, the person who is convicted of such a charge faces a potential of lifetime registration as a sex offender. They may additionally have permanent problems finding housing and employment, long after any period of incarceration has been completed.

There are several possible defenses to a sex assault charge, depending on the facts of the case. In some cases, people may defend against the charges based on actual innocence. For example, they may have an alibi that clearly demonstrates it would have been physically impossible for them to have committed the crime. In other cases, the person may have been wrongly identified by the alleged victim. Challenging the identification and presenting exonerating evidence such as DNA can effectively end the ongoing case.

Some people will admit to engaging in the sexual activity, but they may argue that the other person consented to it. It may be difficult to prove consent, since the two people involved are often the only witnesses. People may need to delve into the alleged victim's sexual history in order to support their defense.

People who are charged with a sexual assault offense may want to retain a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Asserting a strong defensive case may be vital in such a case, as a conviction may destroy the person's life. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help a client by reviewing scientific analysis of DNA, interviewing any witnesses and raising a challenge to an improperly performed identification procedure.

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