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Civil Unions in New Jersey

Same-sex marriage is an extremely hot topic in our country at the moment, with support for same-sex marriages growing, and more and more states legalizing the practice. While same-sex marriage is not technically legal in New Jersey, our state does recognize civil unions, which are family units which essentially treats same-sex couples the same way as married heterosexual couples under the law. This includes the rights that straight couples in a marriage must abide by.

Same-sex couples in a civil union can own property as a couple in the same way that married couples can, and all tax laws in the state can apply to civil unions in the same way as marriage. They may also have to address issues of child custody in the event of a separation. Unfortunately, just because our state recognizes these civil unions, it does not mean that such marriages are equal in the eyes of federal law.

The Defense of Marriage Act means that only marriage between two members of the opposite sex will be recognized by the federal government, and it even allows other states the right to refuse to recognize the marriage of same-sex couples in other states. However, since New Jersey technically does not consider same-sex couples as married, but in a civil union, the application of this federal law tends to be inconsistent.

It is important to remember that with all the rights of marriage come all of the responsibilities and legal obligations of marriage. This means that same-sex couples in New Jersey may also require expertise in family law, including divorce. Same-sex couples who enter a civil union in New Jersey may discover that their union is not meant to be. Just like straight married couples, same-sex couples can enlist the aid of an attorney to assist them with the process of legally separating.

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