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Domestic violence in New Jersey

Although many people think of physical abuse when they hear the term domestic violence, the term refers to far much more. Domestic violence occurs when one partner acts in such a way to try to have power and control over the other partner. They may do so through sexual, financial, psychological, emotional or physical abuse.

Physical abuse includes things like punching, slapping, choking or kicking an intimate partner. Forcing a partner to ingest drugs or alcohol is also a form of physical abuse. Financial abuse occurs when a partner controls the finances to prevent the other from having any access to them. They may prevent an intimate partner from working or attending school.

Sexual abuse includes such things as marital rape or any forced sexual behavior. Abusers may also emotionally abuse their partners by chipping away at their feelings of self-esteem. Psychological abuse can include threats and intimidation. Some people who engage in psychological abuse may do things like threaten to commit suicide if the other partner leaves. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. The problem touches people of all ages, both sexes and those at all socioeconomic levels.

People who are the victims of domestic abuse should seek help. Attorneys who have experience in family law matters may be able to provide assistance by filing for a domestic violence restraining order. They may also be able to identify available shelters for victims of domestic violence in order to help protect their clients. In addition to seeking an attorney's help, people may also want to make a police report. Although a victim may initially be scared to do so due to fear of their partner's reaction, getting out of the situation is important in order to prevent further escalation of the violence. Domestic violence operates in a cyclical fashion and often worsens over time.

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