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Police charge man in elf costume with DWI

The Riverdale Police Department reported that officers detained a man who was dressed like an elf on suspicion of DWI on Dec. 19. The incident leading to the man's detention reportedly occurred around 3:30 a.m.

Officials said that a suspicious vehicle in a large retailer's parking lot on Route 23 elicited a call to police. Allegedly, responding officers found the reported car's engine running with its lights on, its stereo resounding and its driver sleeping.

The driver was a 23-year-old Cedar Grove, officials reported. A strong odor of alcohol was evident in his breath, according to police. Subsequently, the 23-year-old man perform poorly on roadside sobriety tests, officials stated. Police also administered a breath test to measure the man's blood alcohol content, yet the results of that test was not immediately disclosed.

In addition to DWI, the man faces charges of careless driving and possessing an open container of alcohol within a motor vehicle.

The man's case demonstrates that a car does not have to be moving to warrant driving while impaired charges. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a case, individuals charged with drunk driving face a serious legal situation that requires a commensurately serious defense if they wish to escape the burdensome penalties that oftentimes accompany a conviction. Seeking the guidance of an attorney whose practice deals with criminal defense is the first step toward contesting the charges in a viable manner. Upon careful review of the facts, obtained independently as well as from the state, the attorney may identify contradictions, inaccuracies and other weakness in the prosecution's case and assemble defense strategies accordingly.

Source:, "Man dressed as elf charged with DWI", Kimberly Redmond, December 20, 2014

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