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New Jersey man charged with DWI

A New Jersey man accused of driving while intoxicated was taken into police custody on Nov. 3. The incident occurred after the authorities allegedly observed the man attempting to make a right-hand turn, only to end up in the oncoming lanes of Center Street in Garwood.

An officer then allegedly saw the man swerve back into the eastbound lanes of North Avenue before taking off at what was believed to be high rate of speed. The officer tried to pull the vehicle over but reported that the driver refused to stop. With the help of two other officers, authorities were able to stop the man on Second Avenue. It was discovered that the driver had three passengers with him, though they were all eventually released.

The accused driver was ultimately charged with DWI and for several motor vehicle violations. He reportedly posted a $25,000 bond before being released. It was not known if the man had prior DWI convictions.

If someone is accused of driving while intoxicated, there are certain punishments that they could face depending upon their blood alcohol content and any prior DWI convictions. For example, an accused person could face a minimum license suspension of three months if they have no prior convictions. If they have a prior offense, they could face a minimum suspension of two years and be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on all vehicles that are owned by said person.

Even if the prosecution has strong evidence against the accused individual, an attorney may have the ability to negotiate lesser penalties. A New Jersey criminal defense attorney could advocate for alcohol treatment and education on behalf of their client, a move that may reduce other consequences of a conviction.

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