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Understanding New Jersey domestic violence laws

Atlantic City residents may be interested in learning about the law surrounding domestic violence in the state. Domestic violence is defined as the threat or act of abuse within an intimate relationship, whether it is physical, emotional, sexual or financial. Both men and women can be victims of this type of violence. New Jersey statutes set forth 14 different types of offenses that are prohibited under the domestic violence statute. These include assault, homicide, kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal sexual contact, among other charges.

An alleged victim can bring a criminal claim of domestic violence against a person who has reached the age of 18 or has been legally emancipated, with whom they are currently in a relationship or with whom they have had a relationship in the past. That person may also file a civil lawsuit against the abuser to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages.

A child custody order can be modified to prevent the alleged abuser from seeing the child and the alleged victim can seek a protective order, which is granted by a court to protect them from further abuse. New Jersey also has a program that allows victim of domestic violence to obtain a substitute address in order to keep their actual address confidential.

Charges of domestic violence can follow a person throughout their life, affecting their family life and their ability to gain employment and generate income. An attorney with experience in defending against domestic violence allegations may be able to help a client who has been charged with such an offense throughout the court process.

Source: Findlaw, "New Jersey Domestic Violence Laws", September 01, 2014

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