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September 2014 Archives

How do I seal my juvenile record in New Jersey?

There are six steps and seven forms required to seal a New Jersey juvenile record. The first step is to get a copy of the criminal juvenile history record if the person does not already possess it. The New Jersey State Police require someone to be fingerprinted with a private fingerprint scanning service to confirm identification before their records are released, but this is not always necessary. In step 2, The Petition for Expungement is requested on Form A, the Order for Hearing on Form B, followed by Form C, which is the Expungement Order signed by the judge. Each form has a set of instructions.

The FBI on white-collar crime

Business professionals in New Jersey may benefit from learning more about how the Federal Bureau of Investigation views and manages illicit activity synonymous to white-collar crime. The Bureau describes white-collar crime as lying, cheating, stealing and other types of fraud committed by government and business professionals. One of the most prominent and recognizable types of white-collar crime is corporate fraud. The FBI is the leading authority responsible for investigating corporate fraud and other crimes that may be related.

Man charged for drug possession after apparent gun fight

A New Jersey man was detained after police obtained a search warrant for his home in Glassboro on Sept. 5. Police were initially called to the man's home after learning that an altercation was taking place. The 21-year-old man reportedly suffered a minor head injury during the fight before police detained him on drug charges. Police say charges against other people involved in the incident are still pending.

2 men facing drug charges after alleged transaction, home search

New Jersey residents may be interested in the story of two men facing serious drug charges after police claim that they participated in a drug transaction in front of one of their homes. Execution of a search warrant allegedly revealed a substantial amount of drugs in one man's residence.

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