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Teen faces sexual assault offense in New Jersey

During the summer, teens and young adults often take jobs or volunteer positions working with young children. The position of a camp counselor fits the bill and can entail being alone with kids for extended periods of time. For one teen in New Jersey, a camp counselor position has ended with the teen facing charges related to an alleged sexual assault offense.

The counselor is a 16-year-old boy. He stands accused of having inappropriate conduct that was sexual in nature with three other boys, although no specifics were given. The boys involved were said to be 6 years old. All children who were placed under the care of the counselor in question were interviewed by the police.

The teen who is accused of the misconduct was released into the custody of his parents. He has to wear a device for electronic monitoring of his whereabouts. The incident was initially reported to police by supervisors at the camp who were made aware of the alleged behavior.

Whenever there are charges related to a sexual offense, the ages of the victims and the accused can make a case more complicated. For children involved, it can be a challenge to understand exactly what may have occurred. For anyone in New Jersey accused of a sexual assault offense, the charge alone can have an impact on his or her livelihood, family and reputation. Allegations may also hinge on the word of one individual against another. Individuals accused should be keenly aware of their rights under the law and, as they pursue their legal options, they should also be aware that they are innocent of the charges against them until proven guilty.

Source:, "NJ camp counselor accused of sex assault", , Aug. 15, 2014

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