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New Jersey drug charges: Man and woman arrested in hotel room

Police have arrested a man and a woman from Hackettstown on drug charges. The incident occurred at a Mount Olive hotel while the man and woman were allegedly hallucinating and high on methamphetamine. The two must now face their drug charges in New Jersey court.

Police officers first reported to the hotel at 4:09 a.m., on June 26, after receiving a call that a man was trying to enter a hotel room with a knife. When police arrived, they found a 27-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman in a hotel room. Police claim to have found meth, drug paraphernalia and hash oil in the room. They also found a child, who was asleep on the bed. The Division of Child Protection and Permanency took the child into custody, and the two adults were arrested.

Charges faced by the couple include child endangerment, possession of dangerous and controlled substances and hash oil/marijuana possession. The couple has also been charged with drug paraphernalia possession and intoxication by a controlled substance. They were held on bail of $25,000.

The most effective criminal defense strategies for New Jersey drug charges vary, depending on the circumstances and evidence surrounding the case. For example, in some cases, evidence pertaining to drugs found may be deemed inadmissible in court, based upon challenges to its legality and/or validity. Since the burden of proof is on the government, the defense may also focus on areas of reasonable doubt concerning the evidence that prosecutors intend to use in court. Other strategies may also be employed if the evidence is particularly strong against the accused, such as accepting a government offer to please guilty to specific (and often reduced) charges in exchange for a reduction in potential punishments and/or avoid spending time in a New Jersey jail.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Pair arrested on drug charges at hotel", , July 1, 2014

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