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May 2014 Archives

Young man faces driving while intoxicated charges in fatal crash

A New Jersey man was recently arrested by police on charges of drunk driving. The man has been accused of causing a fatal car accident along Interstate 95 that resulted in the death of three individuals. His arrest and driving while intoxicated charge was made public on a recent Wednesday.

New Jersey driver faces charges of driving while intoxicated

Being involved in any motor vehicle accident can have catastrophic consequences. Typically, many of the reasons that drivers get into car accidents are due to entirely preventable behavior. However, it is human nature to make mistakes. Unfortunately, a New Jersey man stands accused of driving while intoxicated after a tragic accident.

40-year-old New Jersey man to face drug charges in Essex County

A man from Rockaway has been arrested on drug charges. The drug charges relate to drug paraphernalia possession and marijuana possession. The New Jersey man was apprehended by authorities after reports of a robbery in progress. Police say that they discovered the 40-year-old man in his car, parked in the driveway of a residence after they arrived on scene.

Man charged with drunk driving after woman killed in car crash

A woman was killed in a drunk driving crash that occurred on a recent Tuesday. Now, one of the drivers in the two-vehicle crash has been charged with drunk driving. The tragic New Jersey accident occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. along Route 21 in Passaic.

3 men charged after botched marijuana arrest turns into gunfight

An undercover New Jersey detective has been injured in an alleged drug deal that turned violent. Police say that the detective was attempting to buy marijuana from a man in a Garfield Walmart parking lot, which they thought would lead to a marijuana arrest. However, instead of the drug deal taking place, a different man allegedly tried to rob him with a gun. This man was later arrested but not before a scuffle and numerous gunshots occurred.

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