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Teacher arrested on DUI charge in New Jersey

A New Jersey teacher who was allegedly driving his car while intoxicated injured a police officer in a recent motor vehicle accident. The teacher appeared in court on a recent Tuesday for a hearing about his DUI charge. According to authorities, the man was drunk when his vehicle smashed into a patrol car along Route 46.

The incident occurred early on a Saturday morning at approximately 1:50 a.m. A police officer had parked his patrol car next to another officer's vehicle in order to help fix the other officer's broken radio. It was then that the officer's vehicle was allegedly rear-ended by the accused man's car. The 39-year-old officer suffered a fractured skull and bleeding from the accident and required surgery. According to family, he is getting better but remains in critical condition.

During his recent court hearing, the allegedly drunk 36-year-old teacher pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge. He also pleaded not guilty to fleeing an accident scene that involved serious injury, and he pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault. Supposedly, the man was driving on a suspended license at the time of the incident. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission says that the man's license was suspended in late 2012 due to a previous DUI conviction.

Even though this man has an alleged history of being convicted of a prior DUI charge, it does not mean that he will be convicted again. During his criminal proceedings, he will have the right to maintain his not-guilty plea and defend himself against the drunk driving and other accusations of the prosecution. If successful, he could succeed in getting some or all of his charges dropped completely, or he may achieve a significantly better final outcome in his case.

Source: ABC New Jersey, "New Jersey teacher who injured cop in DWI crash appears in court", , April 22, 2014

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