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New Jersey river pulled from burning semi truck faces DUI charge

State troopers in New Jersey recently charged a semi truck driver with drunk driving. They also saved his life. According to authorities, the authorities arrived at a semi truck accident scene, where the truck was overturned and burning. They were able to successfully remove the driver from the cab of the truck, just before the cab was engulfed in flames. The man, whose life was saved, will now have the opportunity to defend himself against the DUI charge in court.

Apparently, two state troopers climbed into the overturned tractor-trailer's cab through a broken windshield in order to retrieve the truck driver. They ultimately pulled the driver to safety but, allegedly, not without a fight. The police described the driver as combative and extremely intoxicated.

The incident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. The 45-year-old driver was trapped inside the tilted cab, on his back. Reportedly due to the truck driver's combativeness, it required three troopers to extract the man. The man was transported to a hospital, where he received treatment for leg burns and cuts on his face.

This New Jersey man, who now faces a drunk driving charge and other motor vehicle citations, allegedly gave officers consent to draw his blood at the hospital. However, police were still waiting for the results of that test when they charged the man. The results of his blood test and whether they are ultimately ruled admissible in court may go a long ways toward determining the pending DUI charge. While the results of criminal proceedings can never be guaranteed, this man has the right to challenge evidence offered against him and to confront those testifying against him in the courtroom. Nevertheless, this man can be thankful that he survived this fiery and potentially fatal car accident.

Source:, "'Heroic' troopers pull intoxicated driver from burning truck in Bethlehem Township, N.J., police say", Matthew Bultman, April 4, 2014

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