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Controversial New Jersey teens accept college scholarship

When New Jersey residents think of child support it is usually in the context of a divorce or parents who are undergoing a child custody determination. It is more far-fetched to consider child support for an 18-year-old whose biological parents are still married.

A New Jersey teenager drew lots of media attention recently with exactly this situation. She sued her parents for child support and to force them to pay her college tuition. The teenager claimed that her parents wanted her to break up with her boyfriend and follow their rules or else they would stop supporting her financially. In her lawsuit, she asked for almost $700 per week in child support and asked that her parents pay her tuition for private high school as well as college tuition, not to mention foot her legal expenses.

The judge apparently did not agree with her and denied the girl's request for living expenses. After the ruling, the 18-year-old dropped the suit and moved back in with her parents and it looks like college tuition at least may no longer be an issue. The young woman recently received a $56,000 scholarship to Western New England University where she said that she plans to study biomedical engineering.

The cases brings up an interesting discussion surrounding the traditional concept of child support. Parents have an obligation to support their children until the age of majority, but the idea of financial support may be quite objection depending on the family, age of the child and the surrounding circumstances. A family law attorney may be able to provide more legal insight on this important question before parents, or even a child, decides to seek support.

Source: International Business News, "Rachel Canning, New Jersey Teen Who Sued Parents For Child Support, Gets $56K Scholarship To Western New England University," Howard Koplowitz, April 6, 2014

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