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6 charged with drug offenses in New Jersey

Police in New Jersey say that they recently seized over 300 heroin bricks, various contraband items and $20,000 in cash. Authorities say that the items were discovered in connection with a drug ring investigation. Six individuals were arrested on suspicion of operating the drug ring and charged with drug offenses ranging from drug ring conspiracy to illegal weapons possession.

The investigations and arrests were carried out by New Jersey State Police personnel, the Sheriff's Office of Passaic County and a local task force for the DEA. Four of the arrested individuals were apprehended in their cars. In one of the arrests, state troopers located a vehicle on Interstate 80 with two suspects inside. Officials also claim to have found heroin distribution and packaging materials in the vehicle.

In another related arrest, which also occurred along Interstate 80, the driver and passenger of a vehicle were taken into custody after police allegedly discovered 165 heroin bricks in the car. Police also claim to have found hollow-pointed bullets in the vehicle. Two other arrests took place in different homes in Paterson. The authorities say they discovered 146 heroin bricks, semiautomatic weapons, ammunition and a silencer in the homes. They also reportedly found cash and various drug paraphernalia.

The suspects charged with drug offenses in these arrests are being held in lieu of bail at the jail in Bergen County. Their bail has been set at $250,000. Should any of them succeed in posting bail, they will be released pending further court proceedings. Further, they will only face punishment for the crimes if they are actually proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal courtroom. Until then, they remain completely innocent of the charges under the law.

Source: NBC New York, "More Than 300 Heroin Bricks, Guns, Cash, Seized in New Jersey Drug Bust", , April 1, 2014

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