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April 2014 Archives

Teacher arrested on DUI charge in New Jersey

A New Jersey teacher who was allegedly driving his car while intoxicated injured a police officer in a recent motor vehicle accident. The teacher appeared in court on a recent Tuesday for a hearing about his DUI charge. According to authorities, the man was drunk when his vehicle smashed into a patrol car along Route 46.

Police lieutenant charged with drug offenses gets out on bail

A police lieutenant who was charged in a federal drug crimes case has recently been granted bail. The judge ruled to set the man's bond at $500,000 during his bond hearing. Still, the ex-police lieutenant, who was charged with drug offenses and other crimes, will have to don an ankle bracelet monitoring system and give up his passport during the remainder of his criminal proceedings.

New Jersey river pulled from burning semi truck faces DUI charge

State troopers in New Jersey recently charged a semi truck driver with drunk driving. They also saved his life. According to authorities, the authorities arrived at a semi truck accident scene, where the truck was overturned and burning. They were able to successfully remove the driver from the cab of the truck, just before the cab was engulfed in flames. The man, whose life was saved, will now have the opportunity to defend himself against the DUI charge in court.

6 charged with drug offenses in New Jersey

Police in New Jersey say that they recently seized over 300 heroin bricks, various contraband items and $20,000 in cash. Authorities say that the items were discovered in connection with a drug ring investigation. Six individuals were arrested on suspicion of operating the drug ring and charged with drug offenses ranging from drug ring conspiracy to illegal weapons possession.

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