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2 New Jersey residents arrested on drug charges

Undercover police officers have arrested two individuals in Hackettstown, alleging that they were involved in a heroin drug ring. The drug charges come following a two-month long investigation. Authorities in New Jersey claim that they discovered guns, heroin and crack cocaine in connection with the alleged crimes.

The arrested individuals are a 42-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. They were taken into custody on a recent Thursday. Police claim that they were trafficking drugs and have also filed illegal weapons charges against them. Court documents allege that the man has sold heroin at least two different times since Feb. 11. They also claim that the woman sold heroin on Feb. 19.

The woman was arrested in her New Jersey home. The man was stopped and arrested while he was driving his car. Authorities later searched his home, where they allegedly discovered the weapons, crack and heroin.

The drug charges faced by these individuals could result in a lengthy jail sentences if they are convicted of the crimes. The weapons charges alone could result in a 10-year prison term in the state penitentiary. As these New Jersey residents proceed with their cases through the judiciary system, they will be able to defend themselves against the accusations by challenging the relevance and/or validity of the evidence offered against them. As in many criminal matters, it may be that the prosecution has a stronger case to prove some of the charges, but other charges may not hold water in court. Depending on the facts, the accused individuals may be able to get certain charges dropped or dismissed to significantly better their respective chances of a successful outcome to the proceedings.

Source:, 2 arrested in Hackettstown after undercover probe turns up heroin, cocaine, guns, police say, Matthew Bultman, March 24, 2014

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