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Multiple New Jersey drivers face drug charges after traffic stops

Traffic stops commonly result in drug charges in the event that police suspect a driver may be under the influence of drugs. They may also result in drug charges if police suspect the driver is in the possession of controlled substances. In fact, in recent months, police officers in New Jersey arrested several individuals on drug charges after pulling them over in routine traffic stops.

In one of the arrests, police stopped a motor vehicle driven by a 20-year-old man. While they were speaking with him, officers allegedly noticed drug paraphernalia in the man's car. Police say they proceeded to search the man's vehicle and discovered a bag of marijuana. He was subsequently arrested and charged with marijuana possession, in addition to his traffic offenses.

In another case, the police pulled over a 33-year-old driver. The officers claim that they saw drug paraphernalia in the vehicle in plain view. Officers further claim that they located a bag of marijuana, a marijuana pipe and heroin-related paraphernalia in the man's car. Additionally, they say they found a crack pipe, crack residue in several plastic baggies and other items. Police arrested the man and charged him with five different drug offenses.

Other individuals were also arrested on drug charges in recent months. Nevertheless, simply being charged with drug crimes in New Jersey is not enough to warrant punishment. Individuals who are accused of such offenses must first be convicted in a court of law before they will face the potential of punishment. Also, while defending themselves against their criminal allegations, the accused in these cases may be able to cast sufficient doubt on the prosecution's version of the facts -- or reach plea bargaining arrangements -- in order to get specific charges dropped, achieve a reduction of punishments or -- in the best of outcomes -- get their case dismissed completely.

Source:, Boonton Twp. police stops bring drug arrests, No author, Feb. 13, 2014

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