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February 2014 Archives

7 New Jersey residents face drug charges

Narcotics detectives in New Jersey took seven people into custody on a recent Sunday night for alleged drug violations. The suspects were charged with possessing over $13,000 of drugs and three loaded guns. In addition to their drug charges, police allege that the arrested individuals were members of a street gang.

Multiple New Jersey drivers face drug charges after traffic stops

Traffic stops commonly result in drug charges in the event that police suspect a driver may be under the influence of drugs. They may also result in drug charges if police suspect the driver is in the possession of controlled substances. In fact, in recent months, police officers in New Jersey arrested several individuals on drug charges after pulling them over in routine traffic stops.

New Jersey man arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated

New Jersey authorities recently arrested a man on charges of drunk driving. However, police allege that the man resisted arrest. As such, driving while intoxicated is not the only charge he will have to face in court. Indeed, his alleged behavior has seemingly made something that was already a difficult situation even worse.

New Jersey troopers make marijuana arrest of rumored mobster

People who do not live in or around New Jersey believe that mobsters are the stuff of Hollywood writers. However, that does not stop law enforcement officials in the state from continuing to investigate individuals believed to be part of so-called crime families in the area. A recent marijuana arrest involved a man who is reportedly part of one of New Jersey's mob families.

New Jersey mother and son face embezzlement charges

The most important tenet of the United States criminal justice system is the presumption that a person is innocent until and unless proved guilty in a court of law. This precept is designed to ensure that no one is imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. It does not matter whether a person faces embezzlement charges or murder charges, every person in New Jersey accused of a crime has the right to this legal presumption and to defend themselves against the accusations in court.

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