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Men facing drug charges in New Jersey related to a stolen car

An individual may be caught with drugs in a number of ways. From minor offenses to major offenses, officers are sworn to protect and serve and must take all charges seriously. A recent situation in New Jersey has left individuals facing drug charges.

The incident began with a stolen car that was taken from a driveway. The luxury car was taken and reportedly had an accomplice vehicle following it. The owner of the luxury car reported the stolen vehicle and was able to give police a description of the accomplice vehicle. When officers responded to the call, they were able to find both vehicles. They attempted to conduct a traffic stop on both vehicles.

While the accomplice vehicle stopped, the man driving the stolen vehicle did not stop but rather sped off in an attempt to elude police. The man in the accomplice vehicle was arrested on multiple drug charges and taken to a nearby jail where he received a $50,000 bail. The other individual has yet to be found, and the driver will be facing multiple charges not only related to drugs and the stolen car but for eluding police as well.

The individual who pulled over could receive a lighter sentence than the man who has yet to be found since he pulled over and cooperated. When facing serious drug charges, it can often be in a person's best interest to face the charges and become aware of his or her rights. Understanding New Jersey laws can help a person determine the best way to move forward after the charges and return to his or her previous lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Source: Florham Park Eagle, Florham Park car theft leads to drug charges for Georgia man, No author, Jan. 14, 2014

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