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Former New Jersey school administrator faces drug charges

Drug allegations often bring a high amount of stress for those who face them, especially in cases where they work with children or in education. A former New Jersey school administrator is currently facing serious drug charges. The man is a former vice-principal and is specifically charged with selling drugs out of his home. While the man is no longer working at a school, he is still facing serious consequences from the drug charges, such as jail time and other penalties if a conviction is obtained.

A local New Jersey grand jury has indicted him on two different counts of drug crimes, including possession with intent to sell and drug possession. It is not specifically clear who was reportedly purchasing the drugs or if it affected his position of authority over children. After his arrest, the man immediately resigned from his position as vice-principal.

When the New Jersey man was originally arrested, a search of the man's home revealed alleged evidence that will possibly be used against him during a trial. Authorities claim that there were drugs in the home, such as crystal meth and GHB. Police also allege that they found a man who was believed to be suffering from a drug-induced stupor or overdose. Even though this man has been charged, it is not clear if he has entered a plea or if he is working on a criminal defense.

It may seem like there is a substantial amount of evidence against the man. However, it is possible that there were problems with the collection of evidence or other aspects of the drug charges case. He has the right to question any evidence that is brought against him as well as present evidence for his defense. Additionally, the former vice principal is innocent until he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, Ex-N.J. school administrator indicted on drug charges, No author, Jan. 19, 2014

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