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2 New Jersey men arrested on drug charges, 200 packs of heroin

What started out as a typical traffic stop turned more serious when two New Jersey men were arrested and accused of drug charges. The traffic stop began as a police officer pulling over a vehicle for allegedly having tinted windows that were too dark, but what they found in the vehicle could have serious repercussions for the two men. After 100 bags of packed heroin were allegedly found in the car, they were charged with the intent to distribute the illegal drugs, possession of the drugs and running from police officers. It is clear that these drug charges can be pretty serious, and they may benefit from legal knowledge in the area.

There were reportedly three men in the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop, but one of them was found to have been innocent of any drug charges. When the officers pulled over the vehicle, the 100 bags of heroin were found. One of the men was found to have a warrant outstanding and was requested to exit the vehicle. When he got out of the car, that is when the police reportedly found 20 more packets of heroin.

According to authorities, the driver allegedly attempted to escape the scene. He was eventually found, but apparently so was more heroin. Approximately 80 more packets of heroin were added to the other packets already in hand by the officers. In addition to the outstanding amount of heroin officers claim were on the men and in the vehicle, there was also a weapon of some sort allegedly discovered.

These two men could likely benefit from knowledge of legalities regarding their drug charges. Walking into a New Jersey courtroom with possible evidence in their favor in addition to knowledge of their personal rights could benefit the two men and help them achieve a fair outcome. Drug charges can disrupt a person's life, but it may not be as bad if one proceeds from an educated and knowledgeable standpoint.

Source:, Two Paterson men charged with drug possession after traffic stop, Joe Malinconico, Jan. 4, 2014

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