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January 2014 Archives

Former New Jersey school administrator faces drug charges

Drug allegations often bring a high amount of stress for those who face them, especially in cases where they work with children or in education. A former New Jersey school administrator is currently facing serious drug charges. The man is a former vice-principal and is specifically charged with selling drugs out of his home. While the man is no longer working at a school, he is still facing serious consequences from the drug charges, such as jail time and other penalties if a conviction is obtained.

Men facing drug charges in New Jersey related to a stolen car

An individual may be caught with drugs in a number of ways. From minor offenses to major offenses, officers are sworn to protect and serve and must take all charges seriously. A recent situation in New Jersey has left individuals facing drug charges.

New Jersey teens convicted of a juvenile crime still have rights

Everyone makes mistakes and must subsequently reap the consequences of their actions. Fortunately, New Jersey has laws in place to help protect the legal rights and physical well-being of anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offense in our state, especially juveniles. Recently, however, the treatment of young people convicted of committing a juvenile crime has been called into question by advocacy groups and one well-known university.

2 New Jersey men arrested on drug charges, 200 packs of heroin

What started out as a typical traffic stop turned more serious when two New Jersey men were arrested and accused of drug charges. The traffic stop began as a police officer pulling over a vehicle for allegedly having tinted windows that were too dark, but what they found in the vehicle could have serious repercussions for the two men. After 100 bags of packed heroin were allegedly found in the car, they were charged with the intent to distribute the illegal drugs, possession of the drugs and running from police officers. It is clear that these drug charges can be pretty serious, and they may benefit from legal knowledge in the area.

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