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New Jersey police arrest 70 on serious drug charges

It may come as no surprise to New Jersey residents that officials are starting to crack down on illegal drugs, which can turn into criminal charges for many. With this being said, a numerous amount of people may be spending the upcoming holidays in jail or court. For a town in New Jersey, 70 citizens may be spending the holidays disputing drug charges for which they were arrested.

Apparently, the drug sweep has been a work in progress for about eight months. Police were wanting to locate and arrest anyone with suspicious activity regarding illegal drugs, and those who use the illegal drugs. The sweep was allegedly the result of other tenants in the apartment complex complaining about what they thought were drug transactions.

Various complaints such as being the witness of the apparent drug transactions were reported to police. Some reports consisted of alleged drug users ingesting the drugs in front of other members of the apartment complex. The police then raided the apartments of those claiming to be associated with drugs.

As a result of the sweep, 70 people were arrested on drug charges. The main complaints seem to revolve around the alleged selling of the drugs in addition to using them. Reports to the public weren't specific as to what exactly was found in these apartments, but those who have been arrested are facing possible jail time if convicted. The 70 New Jersey residents may be able to dispute the charges and be home in time for the holidays if a successful defense is prepared in response to the claims made by authorities. Fortunately, the burden rests with prosecutors and not on the accused individuals.

Source:, 70 arrested in drug sweep at New Jersey housing complex, No Author, Nov. 28, 2013

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