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New Jersey DUI charge dismissed

In the event that a New Jersey resident gets a DUI charge, having proper evidence is crucial to the case. Having the wrong evidence, or evidence that has been tampered with, however, can be severely detrimental to one's chance of being found innocent of a crime. Although sobriety tests are seemingly reliable, anyone can make an error administering one, and that mistake can lead someone to be wrongfully accused of a DUI charge.

A prominent member of the New Jersey emergency management was recently accused of such crimes. The man was stopped by police after allegedly leaving his lane and braking occasionally on the road. Once the officer got to the man's window, he claims he smelled alcohol on the man in addition to noticing his eyes were, what he called bloodshot.

He was administered field sobriety tests and officers concluded that he was drunk, as the result of him apparently failing the testing. When the officer took him to the police department for further examination, he was supposed to be given a blood alcohol test. He received one and tested at 0.16 percent, but not after being left alone, which would give one the opportunity to consume something or throw up -- severely altering the results.

In addition to the man being left alone for some time, the weather may have played a role in his field sobriety test being marked as failed. His driving record also indicated that he had never committed any violation such as this. He may have felt the events leading up to his arrest were a severe injustice.

Thankfully, the charges against this New Jersey man were dismissed, and he does not have to have this charge soil his clean record as a result. Circumstantial evidence can play a major role in whether or not someone is accused and even charged with such crimes. If a person feels the results for their DUI charge have been skewed, he or she may not want to take the charge lying down. Presenting proper evidence and a strong defense can go a long way in DUI cases such as this.

Source:, Drunken-driving charges dismissed against Fort Lee's emergency management chief, Linh Tat, Dec. 5, 2013

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