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New Jersey bunch charged with driving while intoxicated

New Jersey residents may be accustomed to reading about individuals being arrested for driving while intoxicated in their local newspaper. What they may not be used to is someone from New Jersey making nation news after being charged for driving while intoxicated. A recent unusual story has made headlines.

A woman who was taken to the police station for allegedly driving under the influence called a friend to pick her up. However, in an unusual event, her friend showed up also under the influence and was arrested at the police station. This female friend also had Vicodin pills in her possession so she is now facing additional drug charges as well. Following this, the two women then called a male friend to pick them up, but he was also under the influence and allegedly failed sobriety tests.

Officers claim that the first woman was swerving while driving. They determined a field sobriety test was in order and she allegedly was not able to pass that test. It was at that time the first woman was taken into custody. Following the unusual turn of events, a fourth individual who showed up sober was able to bail out the individuals.

While this certainly is not the "normal" story, all three of the individuals will now face their day in court for driving while intoxicated. New Jersey residents that are facing the same situation may want to understand their rights before the court date nears. Understanding the law and what to expect could help a person uncover the best actions to take in order to face the charges and move forward in the least stressful way possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, 2 Friends Get DUIs Picking Up New Jersey Friend Busted For DUI, No author, Dec. 25, 2013

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