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More men are seeking spousal support

More women are becoming the main breadwinners in their family, and more men are taking on the primary parenting responsibility, according to several family law attorneys. This has resulted in more husbands in New Jersey and other states asking for spousal support when they get a divorce.

Today, about 3 percent of Americans who receive spousal support are men. However, many divorce attorneys report that they have seen an increase in the number of men who are seeking spousal support. One reports that he saw only one man seeking spousal support about ten years ago while he saw seven this year asking for the same relief. Some attorneys have explained that this increase is due to the changing dynamics in families.

Men are consciously making decisions regarding their careers and families. Some men have decided that having a spouse in a demanding job is best served by a husband who can tend to the children and household while she works in a more profitable industry. Other men have opted not to take new roles in their careers that would require travel or otherwise take them away from their families. As one divorce attorney explains, the idea behind alimony is that the value a person puts into a marriage is recognized by spousal support after the marriage, which can provide these men with a monetary cushion for the sacrifices that they made for their families in regards to pursuing a career.

Men who are out-earned by their spouses may seek spousal support in the event of ending a marriage. They may discuss various options with a divorce lawyer who is knowledgeable about strategies of acquiring spousal support or other compensation.

Source: Financial Advisor, "More Men Get Alimony From Their Ex-Wives", December 24, 2013

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