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December 2013 Archives

New Jersey bunch charged with driving while intoxicated

New Jersey residents may be accustomed to reading about individuals being arrested for driving while intoxicated in their local newspaper. What they may not be used to is someone from New Jersey making nation news after being charged for driving while intoxicated. A recent unusual story has made headlines.

4 university students arrested on multiple drug charges

Four students at Rowan University were recently arrested after police raided a campus dorm room. New Jersey police claim to have found a safe containing large amounts of various drugs as well as nearly $30,000 in cash. The four now face serious drug charges and must begin to focus on their criminal defense.

New Jersey DUI charge dismissed

In the event that a New Jersey resident gets a DUI charge, having proper evidence is crucial to the case. Having the wrong evidence, or evidence that has been tampered with, however, can be severely detrimental to one's chance of being found innocent of a crime. Although sobriety tests are seemingly reliable, anyone can make an error administering one, and that mistake can lead someone to be wrongfully accused of a DUI charge.

New Jersey police arrest 70 on serious drug charges

It may come as no surprise to New Jersey residents that officials are starting to crack down on illegal drugs, which can turn into criminal charges for many. With this being said, a numerous amount of people may be spending the upcoming holidays in jail or court. For a town in New Jersey, 70 citizens may be spending the holidays disputing drug charges for which they were arrested.

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